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          Retail Merchandizing
We have 24 years of practical experience in designing, manufacturing of Point of Sale (POS) and Point of Purchase(POP) displays. We offer tailored solutions of in-store merchandizing that suit the needs of the brand display. Our goal is to meet the in-store marketing needs of our clients by providing a quality merchandizing display solutions that allows of managed growth and long term business partnering, while providing the opportunity to develop and achieve a sense of pride in our collective accomplishments.

          Why Point of Purchase
Point of Purchase (POP) and Point of Sale(POS) are the terms of marketing strategy adopted to increase or maximizing impulse sales or purchases for brands at retail. Research shows that 70% of all purchase decisions are made at the location in store and 30% of those in store purchases are made on impulse. These are used to merchandizing specific goods and services adopting various visual marketing campaigns.